Five Axis CNC Mono-Block Stone Bridge Saw With Italian System

5 axis lnterpolation control with Italian CNC Esa system.
The blade can rotate 0°-360° and tilt 90°, enabling chamfering cutting in any direction and angle.

  • Haineng
  • Fujina
  • 25 days
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The whole machine adopts the Italian ESA well -known system, computerized control, under the touch operation interface, and is equipped with wireless remote control. The human -machine dialogue is flexible. The main control components are all internationally renowned brand components, and the beams of oil immersion dual V -type tracks. The saw blade uses a variable frequency conversion speed adjustment. The vertical distributor uses a linear guide rail and high -precision magnetic ruler to ensure that the machine work is stable and accurate. The integration of the body and the workbench not only facilitates the installation and transportation of users, but also ensures the stability of the machine. This machine is mainly used for cutting special-shaped edges or multi-functional cutting of building materials such as rock slabs, ceramic tiles, marble, artificial stone, granite, cement products, etc. It is the most suitable deep processing equipment for special-shaped factories such as home improvement or municipal engineering.

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