Natural Big Granite Marble Stone Block Sawing Machines

It combines different diameters of blades working simultaneously as multiblade cutting.
It has screw-rod lifting system and hydraulic lifting system for choice. T
The crossbeam moves for feeding so that the table for block is not necessary ( which does not supply along with machine, only available upon request ).
Heavy duty strcuture, logical control system, easy operation together with " Super" blade give high production and also make the finish slab with flat surface, no tapper.
It is also flexible in modification for Single blade cutting.

  • Haineng
  • Fujian
  • 5 PCS Per Month
  • Information

Technical Parameter

AYH Gantry Stone Block Cutters

Max. blade diameter2200mm2500mm2800mm
Max. cutting length3200 mm3000 mm3000 mm
Max. cutting width 1800 mm1800 mm2100 mm
Max. cutting height 950 mm1100 mm1250 mm
Max. No. of blades8(for reference)5(for reference)
Suggestion on Muti-blades2200mm, 2000mm,           1800mm, 1600mm,2500mm,2000mm2800mm
1400mm, 1200mm,1600mm,1200mm
1000mm, 800mm800mm
Main motor power45 kw45 kw37 kw
Power requirement3 Phs 380V 50Hz(other is available)  
Overall dimension 7300X3800X550 07300X3800X550 07300X3800X610 0
Water consumption6m3/h6m3/h6m3/h
Total Weight10,000 kg11,000 kg12,000 kg

Natural Stone Cutting MachinesBig stone cutting machine


Gantry Stone Sawing Machine

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