ANYTH_副本.jpgAnyth is registered in 2020 and looks very young, But the company's leaders have been deeply cultivating the field of stone machinery and foreiartrade, It has 20 years of foreign trade business and team experience too  more than 20 stone countries have studied, participated in and visitedcustomers. Very familiar with the product, the business is very professional, and the service is perfect.

The company is located in Xiamen, only 10 minutes away from the world's largest iamen tone Exhibition, The factory(New Haineng)  is located in the world's largest stone machinerymanufacturing base and the world's largest stone processing center -- Shui Tou, The factory partner is an engineer, With 22years of stone machinery design, manufacturing, and production rich experienceHe has worked for mechanical factories, and is proficient in eacmachine that can design and produce the desired products for customers timely.

Factory is a professional comprehensive enterprise that integrates design, manufacturing, production, mechanical and electricalinstallation, andsales services, t is one of the most powerfu and wel -known enterprises in the field of stone equipment, The company continues to accelerate thenace of develooment. research and innovate. and introduce the most advanced production technoloav at home and abroad to create various bridasaws,block saws,polisher, thin veneer saw..The product design is novel and outstanding, strictly implement the standard of stone machineryindustry standards and passes the 1S09001 quality system certification and the national standard EU CE certification.

Factory Show

  • Factory

    Based in China and serving the world, My factory ---New Haineng is dedicated to providing customers with integrated solutions. And the products have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions in Europe, America, Australia, Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, etc., standing in the field of intelligent stone machinery and equipment with excellent quality.

  • Assembly Workshop

    Factory workshop strictly in accordance with the production process and 5S management of machine assembly.

  • Processing Equipment

    Imported CNC machine to process the import parts and to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece.

  • Welding

    Use experienced welders to ensure that the welding process is durable.

  • Polishing

    All the burrs at the corners of the edges are polished to bring convenience to the painting and make the machine more beautiful.

  • Assembing

    Assembly in strict accordance with the process flow and drawings.

  • Painting

    In the special environment-friendly painting room, spray different colors according to customer requirements, each paint should be sprayed 4-5 times, fine workmanship, beautiful painting.

  • Showroom

    A variety of machines are displayed in the sample room for easy customer visit and delivery.


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